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Have you ever wondered
what it could have been like in heaven
one night before Christmas?

Available September 2019
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About the Book

Within an hour, readers are transported back in time to a night before Christmas in eternity past. Jennifer Lynn Heck tells the story of God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit giving the most valuable Christmas present to all people.

She skillfully weaves her wonder-filled imaginary story with passages from the Bible. The combination creates a memorable journey, discovering the grace-filled heart of God and His plan for rescuing people in every generation.

The timeless message of A Heavenly Conversation One Night Before Christmas extends throughout the entire year. After the main story, there is a bonus section called “Story Snapshots in Pictures.” People ages 8 to 95+ will enjoy this beautifully illustrated, full color 92-page gift book, which is thought provoking and heart stirring.


About the Author & Designer


For nearly 30 years, Jennifer Lynn Heck worked as a graphic designer of publications and has written more than 130 articles.

Jennifer views her mission in life as breaking barriers between people and building bridges to God. She passionately believes everyone needs to know Jesus Christ, grow in their faith and use their God-given gifts for His glory.

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