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Overview of Book

Have you ever wondered what it could have been like in heaven one night before Christmas?

Within an hour, readers are transported back in time to a night before Christmas in eternity past. Jennifer Lynn Heck tells the story of God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit giving the most valuable Christmas present to all people.

She skillfully weaves her wonder-filled imaginary story with passages from the Bible. The combination creates a memorable journey, discovering the grace-filled heart of God and His plan for rescuing people in every generation.

The timeless message of “A Heavenly Conversation One Night Before Christmas” extends throughout the entire year. After the main story, there is a bonus section called “Story Snapshots in Pictures.” Adults, teenagers and older children will enjoy this beautifully illustrated 92-page gift book, which is thought provoking and heart stirring.

Author & Designer of Book

Jennifer Heck was born with cerebral palsy. That hasn’t stopped her from taking many leaps of faith! They include tandem skydiving 7 times as high as 15,000 feet. In August 2019 Jennifer took another leap of faith. She wrote, designed and published her first book.
She views her mission in life as breaking barriers between people and building bridges to God. She passionately believes everyone needs to know Jesus Christ, grow in their faith and use their God-given gifts for His glory.
For nearly 30 years, Jennifer worked as a graphic designer of publications and has written more than 130 articles. She earned two college bachelor’s degrees.


Book Reviews

PAM HOLBROOK; Louisville, Kentucky
A Heavenly Conversation One Night Before Christmas
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This is a Christmas classic! As I read Jennifer's book, A Heavenly Conversation One Night Before Christmas, I was not only stirred by how Jennifer so creatively presented the Christmas story, but how, as I read it, I was eager to share this book with others. This makes a perfect Christmas gift for all ages, especially for those who have not yet come into a personal relationship with God, through His Son, Jesus Christ.
CHRISTIAN McCUTCHEON; Louisville, Kentucky
Unique perspective, powerful message!
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Author Jennifer Lynn Heck combines her gifted writing skills with her contagious love for Jesus to present the Christmas story from a unique & thoughtful perspective. The foundational Biblical truths, along with the powerful message of the gospel make this a timeless book for all ages. What a wonderful gift idea! This book will continue to bless our family and allow us to bless others for years to come!
KAY BROWN; Carterville, Illinois
A Heavenly Conversation One Night Before Christmas
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Words can not describe the heart felt feeling I had when I first read the book. After immediately reading it the second time my wish was that I had the money to buy one for every family in our educational is awesome!! It is a message the world needs to hear. The author wrote in such an excellent way for everyone to understand!
HILARY DESKINS; Louisville, Kentucky
It took my breath away!
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This is my first book review so please know up front that it made such an impact on me that I was compelled to share my thoughts. I cannot remember a book which has overwhelmed me more. First of all, this is not Christmas fluff, nor another feel-good book, but something so believable that it will take your breath away. The author has used scripture to create this story line that not only makes sense, but left me in a state of sheer awe of how God must love us. Honestly, I had to read it a couple of times to get it to sink in, and then I cried for sheer JOY. Please, if you want the perfect gift for the special someones in your life, give them this blessed treasure....then sit back and watch them read it!
CHAD RUSSELL; Louisville, Kentucky
This book would make a great Christmas gift
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Jennifer Heck and I have been friends for nearly 20 years. She is now a published author and has written the book "A Heavenly Conversation One Night Before Christmas." It would make a great Christmas gift. I’ve read this book. It is beautiful in imagery and profound in content—a telling of the Christmas story and the impact the Christmas story has for eternity. Little did I know that our meeting during 9/11 would have a role in the book coming together. She wrote an article years ago about how Jesus how changed my life and now included that testimony in this gift book. Thanks Jennifer!
SUSAN BALMER; North Port, Florida
This story looks at the conversation that could have occurred in Heaven one night before Christmas.
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This story, A Heavenly Conversation, clearly comes from the heart and passion of the author, Jennifer Heck. The format is a direct conversation between God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit and is used to convey the joy of this wonderful Christmas gift of blessing to us all. The book includes a section called, “Story Snapshots in Pictures”, which both educates-and illuminates our Christian beliefs as seen through the author’s eyes. The concluding pages are meant to open the reader’s heart to a personal conversation with God, inspiring us to seek answers as we continue along the spiritual journey.
ABBI ROSE; Louisville, Kentucky
Beautiful Perspective and Story!
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Author, Jennifer Heck, writes from a beautiful and unique perspective that brings Faith and the trinity into focus for the holiday season. The book inspires some deeper thinking but also helps break down some Christian Theology into a simple and easy to understand way. After receiving the book, I purchase multiple copies as Christmas gifts.
WYATT RITCHEY; Brandenburg, Kentucky
A true blessing!!!
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This book was a gift to me! I read it with my 6 yr old daughter and she loves the book I love to be able to teach my daughter about God's love for us through scripture. I love how Jennifer Heck the Arthur of this book spent time to write the story line from scripture the truth the word. And not only does my daughter love this book I feel my spirit man awaken inside me I scroll through the pages it brings God's love for us to life. It is a beautiful book and I recommend it to anyone of all ages!
SUSAN CARRELL; Louisville, Kentucky
A Heavenly Conversation One Night Before Christmas
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As I sat on a quiet Sunday afternoon, reading A Heavenly Conversation One Night Before Christmas, I found myself overcome with a sense of peace, understanding and love. As I read each of the conversations, I felt a sense of encompassment and understanding as if I could see God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. This book gently reminds of us all that is good and holy. From this day forth, I shall enter the house of God with a far greater sense of His love. My family will read this together every Christmas Eve.
PAM PRIBBLE; Louisville, Kentucky
A Heavenly Conversation the Night Before Christmas
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A beautiful conversation that gives the reader an "aha" moment! This book will be perfect for my 10 year old grandson, as well as my 8 and 6 year old nephews (which they will be getting as a gift during Thanksgiving). But, it is just as perfect for an adult to be reminded of "the reason for the season" and the conversation that took place in heaven before the birth of Jesus Christ. God placed Jennifer in my life several years ago...I hope this book and God's nudging places Jennifer and her wisdom in your path. Enjoy!
NORMAN MINNICK; Louisville, Kentucky
A Heavenly Conversation One Night Before Christmas
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Jennifer’s book is indeed an inspired and unique look at the Christmas story from a perspective that will let you appreciate even more God’s Gift to us. She writes from the heart with a heart for Christ. You will treasure this book that has a message for folks of any age. As a bonus, you will love the wonderful illustrations throughout the book.
SHARON GRAHAM; Louisville, Kentucky
A Heavenly Conversation One Night Before Christmas
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As I read this book, and knowing Jennifer personally, I could feel the emotion and tenderness of her heart in telling the story of God and his precious Son given to us as the perfect gift. This book is a wonderful way to share the good news of God's love for us in a very unique way. Well done Jennifer and To God Be the Glory!
TONI ROSE; Louisville, Kentucky
What a Gift!
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In this book, A HEAVENLY CONVERSATION ONE NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS, the author creatively shares The Gospel, the greatest gift ever given. This book is perfect for people like me who struggle at times to find the right words to relay my faith and the good news of Christ's salvation. I bought multiple copies to pass along at Christmas - excited to give the gift of LOVE and TRUTH.

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